Laura de la Cruz — Herding

Laura De La Cruz has worked with dogs for most of her life and has been actively involved in herding for over 20 years. She is a respected herding trainer and herding judge for AKC, AHBA (the American Herding Breed Association), and the IHDA (International Herding Dog Association).

She has worked with dogs from Border Collies to Briards, Blue Lacys to Beaucerons, and Shelties to Standard Schnauzers. Laura trained and handled the first Polish Lowland Sheepdog to earn a Level II AHBA title in the world. She created the Herding Puppy Head Start Program for online training and offers in-person training at the Take Pen Herding Facility in Southern New Mexico.

Find her on Instagram and Facebook and at She can also be found on TikTok @lauradelacruz. Laura is also a published author with over 400 books available on Amazon and other retailers, including her newest book, “Canine Coaching” which is already well-received.