Trophy Sponsorship Chair: Joanne Williamson

We know you like gorgeous rosettes and fabulous trophies! If you sponsor a trophy from the list, your donation frees up the equivalent amount from the Specialty budget to spend on other stuff — which only makes the Specialty even better! Not only that, but you get to be famous for the show! If you get your donation in before August 15, your name and dedication appear in the 2024 Specialty show catalog in our generous list of trophy sponsors!

It doesn’t cost big bucks to sponsor a trophy, and you can add a dedication. Lots of trophies can be had for a mere $20. Although last year’s winners got priority to sponsor the trophies they’ve won, lots of really great placements are available. Do you love puppies? Consider sponsoring a puppy trophy for Beginner Puppy, Sweeps, or the regular puppy classes. Are you a fan of agility? You’re in luck! There are bazillions of agility placements in the different classes! Like to cheer for the underdog? Herding even offers 5th-place ribbons and trophies. Can’t decide? Please consider donating to the General Trophy Fund. Any donation, no matter how small, will help us make a better Specialty.

You may sponsor a trophy with a dedication. You may use your name (and kennel name, if you have one). You may dedicate a trophy in memory of a person or dog.

You may not sponsor a trophy in honor of a living person or dog. AKC made the rule; we didn’t.

If you donate before August 15, your name and dedication will appear in the 2024 show catalog. You can even use the Master Registration Form to pay for your donation at the same time as your other tickets, events, and donations. How easy is that?! Just make sure that you email Joanne to specify the trophy you want to sponsor and your dedication (if any) along with the form. (Of course, we’ll happily accept sponsorships after the deadline date as well — they just won’t make it into the catalog.)

NOTE: You can still sponsor trophies after the August 15 deadline date. We’ll try to sneak your donation into the show catalog, but we can’t promise anything. You will, however, still be deeply appreciated by the show committee! Thank you!

Which Trophies Are Available?

Check the list of available trophies here. Contact Joanne with any questions.

Last Updated: 7/15/24

General Trophy Fund

As you know, trophy sponsorship for specific placements are usually offered first to those who won the year before, and then to all other donors. However, the trophy fund is open to all donors, and accepts any amount.

All general trophy fund donors will be recognized in the show catalog.

Thank you for supporting the 2024 National Specialty!

Questions? Contact Joanne.

How to Donate

Donations can be made via PayPal, via email, by snail mail using the Trophy Sponsorship Form above, by using the nifty QR Code below, or by adding a trophy donation to the Master Registration Form (when the time comes). If you use the MRF, be sure to contact Joanne to tell her what the donation is for.

Donate with PayPal button

NEW! To make a donation from your phone, you can either use the button or this QR code:

Trophy Donation Forms

You can download the Trophy Sponsorship form in two formats:

Fill it out with your info and the trophies you want to sponsor, then save the form to your computer before you email it. You can email the form to Joanne and use the PayPal button to pay, or you can request an invoice to pay with PayPal. HINT: You might want to have first and second choices for each trophy you want to sponsor. That way, you won’t be disappointed if the trophy you wanted has already been taken.

Paying by Check

To pay by check, print your form and fill it out. Mail everything to:

Joanne Williamson
13 Horne Homestead Road
Charlton, MA 01507