This schedule is still tentative. The Bearded Collie Days are listed here, and more information on both BCCA events and Cluster events will be available soon.

NOTE: The agility, FastCAT and other events (Barn Hunt, Nosework) will be All-Breed events in conjunction with the Harvest Moon Classic Cluster shows. Bearded Collie scores will be counted towards the BCCA Specialty Versatility (“Chip”) Award. We will have our own separate obedience and rally trials after the all-breed trials have concluded. You can enter both!

Also there will be 4 each of these events, hosted by the Cluster: All Breed Conformation Shows, Agility Trials, Obedience & Rally Trials, Health Testing, and more from Thursday through Sunday. You could take home some new titles!

NOTE: Cluster events start at 9 AM on Thursday, and 8 AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, October 14 BCCA Herding Trial 1

Herding Tests
AKC Farm Dog Certification

JR Farm, Patterson, CA
Drovers’ Dinner TBD
Tuesday, October 15 BCCA Herding Trial 2

Herding Tests

JR Farm, Patterson, CA
Wednesday, October 16 Set up at Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Road
Santa Rosa, CA
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Thursday, October 17 Agility


BCCA Welcome Party

Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Friday, October 18 BCCA National Concurrent Specialty

  • Sweeps
  • Veteran Sweeps
  • Obedience & Rally
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Saturday, October 19 BCCA National Concurrent Specialty

  • Regular Dog & Bitch Classes
  • Performance & Altered Classes
  • Junior Showmanship
  • 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Sunday, October 20 BCCA National Concurrent Specialty

  • Veteran Dog & Bitch
  • Best of Breed
  • Best Puppy
  • Best Veteran
  • Best Bred By Exhibitor
  • Brace, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch

Closing Celebration & Awards

Sonoma County Fairgrounds